October 28, 2005

Posted in First Posts at 5:20 pm by myworld


  1. Hi! I love the header:droplets of ideas, it’s almost as intriguing as mine! I’m nearly 11 and have a blog called http://www.thoughtorchardblog.wordpress.com

    • smell said,

      where thoughts die

      • . said,

        he he true like hell yeh

      • harry white said,

        hey that is really mean thought orchard is a great blog

      • cute123 said,

        sorry that was me not harry white

      • i would be upset about this but not now i know about smell’s terrible case of Brainless Disorder. Poor smell…

      • gr8202 said,

        who are you smell?

      • smell said,

        i am donkey poo!

      • dtfsrfuktsdr said,

        any of you wana make out with me
        this is your only chance

      • gr8202 said,

        what wrong with you dgdydgquydg what ever u r called

      • dtfsrfuktsdr said,

        awww darling i am just ready for you

      • stonning said,

        What the f*** is wrong with u … You wanna make out with girls and guys. You are totally gay or something!

      • this d-whatsit is bisexual or pretending to be.

      • see what i mean? take your medication, smell! donkey poo indeed…!

      • zoey101745 said,

        that is not true at all

      • zoey101745 said,

        i wanna make out
        come to california and u will meet me
        by the way i star in zoey101

      • wierdo said,

        oy shut up thought ochard is gr8!

  2. I’m following your blog and can’t wait to see what you post next!

  3. You’re right, ideas are hugely interesting…I’m fascinated by them.

    -Young Philosopher x-

  4. stonning said,

    This blog is tots amazing. I have a blog too only it’s not as great as yours. Oh and HI I live in the US…I recently immigrated. Call me Ally { it’s my nickname in the neighbourhood}

  5. fashion crazy!!!!!!!! said,

    i have some poo going out of my ass

  6. fashion crazy!!!!!!!! said,

    ohh and a sky to let it allu do i look good ahh jucice ahh doo dont walk away yeh yeh i want to play come and play today…asss

  7. fashion crazy!!!!!!!! said,


  8. fashion crazy!!!!!!!! said,

    i hate ppprretens so much its a ass hole thing

  9. fashion crazy!!!!!!!! said,

    i need a beer bottle mate!
    ashna i love ur blog its so datey

    • zoey101745 said,

      i wanna make out with chase coz he is hot and sexy
      i want to yop him like logan yops a mirror~!!!!!!

  10. fashion crazy!!!!!!!! said,

    donkey poo poo preeteen poooooooooooo

  11. supposedgenius175 said,

    I’m not associating myself with other blogs anymore. Goodbye.

  12. wierdo said,

    we’re all pooy

    • wierdo said,

      lopopnsda is the pooey one

  13. hydi said,


  14. Are you serious? Honestly, you Walker idiots! How will the poor author feel if they go back on their blog and see all the crap you’ve been posting? Now I’m wishing I’d never recommended this site. This is not a place to discuss your love lives or post nonsense! I’m just glad you’ve all shut up. For now. Until the next bout of morons come along.

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