October 28, 2005


Posted in First Posts at 5:23 pm by myworld

I have always wanted to start blogging.. now I can do it in detail..

This is the beginning of my blogging experience and I hope it turns out to something really exciting.

So.. with the time 6:19pm (British STandard Time), I begin my blogging experience.

Hope it would be real fun.


  1. bully said,

    your world – not intersting. give it up!

  2. myworld said,

    strange sort of encouragement …

  3. deepak said,

    its ourworld when you start sharing. lets go. all this web is yours.

    hello myworld, gimme a name to call you.
    I am Deepak.

  4. myworld said,

    Cheers Deepak…. the identity does flow so freely…

    The name is myworld!

  5. helese said,

    myworld is a nice name 🙂
    but you have to work on it

  6. Ar said,

    myworld, mind if i take a crack at this name?

  7. great said,

    go on gr8202.wordpress.com

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